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How To Achieve Big Gains At The Gym Naturally

Every guy who signs up for a gym membership has one goal to achieve: big gains. They all want to grow bigger whether they have erectile difficulties or not. They go to the gym to tone up, boost their energy levels, develop bigger muscles or bigger frames. But the problem most of these gym-going guys face is how to actually achieve this much-desired size.

If you were to ask any average guy with a gym membership how to develop bigger muscles, he’d most probably tell you to do what most guys do: do lots of reps, sets, or traditional exercises, then take lots of selfies and post on social media. If you’re lucky, they might even suggest high-intensity interval training.

Whatever tips you’re offered, going to the gym without a proper guideline on how to achieve your set objectives is futile. This is why we’ve taken the initiative to prepare this long list of reasonable procedures to follow to achieve bigger gains naturally. So if you are ready and willing to get big, keep reading.

Do Big Lifts

If you’re an avid weightlifter, the weights must be big enough to yield better results. But bigger weight and more strength go hand in hand. As a beginner, you should start with something you can lift at least 20 times in a single set. Meaning you should add more weight as you gain experience. To attain a big and more muscular frame, you’ll need at least 85% of 1-rep max. What this implies is a weight you could lift at least 10 times in an all-out set before you take a break.

So you’re going to lift bigger weights to see more significant gains. To attain at least 85% of your max for at least four sets, a single set should consist of a minimum of 5 or 6 repetitions. And it only gets more complicated from there. But if you’re a consistent weightlifter who is past the intermediate stage, you could do with 85 to 90 % of your 1-rep max to achieve tangible results.

That means at least 3 to 4 repetitions for each set. To move to the next step of attaining big gains, you should lift weights until you have no capacity to lift anymore. So you see, there’s a problem there. You can’t lift heavy weights consistently without hurting yourself or suffering severe burns. Fortunately, there’s a much better approach.

Do Fast Lifts

To stay on the safe side, common sense dictates that you should lift weights in moderation. However, this approach of keeping everything in control will only delay the results. This is because a faster pace means accelerated results. Additionally, the faster you lift, the quicker the muscle fibers will grow. And if you’re aiming for a leaner physique, the same fast lifts boost your heart rate and metabolism.

Again, if your goal is to grow stronger, ask yourself how many strength feats are needed to achieve that. Slow and deliberate will only bore and wear you out. If it’s lifting weight, you should lift it as fast as you can with you in control, not the other way around. The secret is to lift faster than lower the weight a little slower.

Stop When You’re About To Crack

Heavy lifting done faster requires extra muscle fibers than lightweight with slower lift.  However, it wouldn’t be long before you notice large, strong muscle fibers develop more quickly.  But once they recede, you’ll be struggling to lift the weight with much weaker fibers. Your body can tip you off under two different scenarios. For one, your intensity slows down. For another, your form shifts completely.

When it gets to that point, it’s much better to quit the set than keep going with a compromised form and speed. You can take that as a failed rep. While it may be frustrating and even disappointing, it’s much better to stop at the sixth rep than struggle and grunt to attain eight reps if that was the initial goal.

Concentrate On The Bigger Muscles

In case you didn’t know, your biceps depend on your biceps curls to develop. However, you shouldn’t focus too much on the biceps curls. Instead, concentrate on achieving bigger muscles in every part of your body, something that’s possible with big weights. Remember, your goal is to grow bigger first before anything else. So what you should do here is concentrate on the following:

  • pullups and chin-ups
  • deadlifts
  • squats
  • bench presses
  • barbell rows

Try to include at least one of the above in each workout, making it the first exercise you perform each day. This increases your strength and vigor before the initial activity. Otherwise, if you push them to the end of your routine, you’ll be too worked out to lift any more weight. Therefore, give tentpole lifts a priority at the beginning of each performance. Refer to the sample workout at the end of this article. It begins with basic dumbbell presses, which is by far the heaviest workout in the entire plan. When you start with the most challenging exercise, you’ll achieve bigger gains in your gym workouts.

Work On Them Legs

Of course, your focus is on the biggest muscles you can pull up. You want to develop unmatched strength and build, but ironically, it’s your legs that bear the most weight, not even your arms or chest, that you’re much invested in. And if you were to ask an average bodybuilder or training professional, they’ll tell you that you can’t forego squats or deadlifts, something equally more substantial. That’s why you can’t ignore the legs and when you get to focus on them, do it as if your life depends on it. Indulge in heavy leg training with good form and ensure you perfect the back squat.

Keep Perfecting Your Technique

When we talk of lifting heavy, we don’t mean you should be jumping from one pull-up to half squats to bench pressing or anything else that’s so inconsistent. What we mean is you should do your thing with precision, knowing when to take pauses, when to move deliberately slowly and when to power up, all the while letting your muscles stay in control. It also means lifting with a specific tempo that’s unique to you.

We talked about lifting fast to build a  comfortable rhythm and accelerate results, but this must be proportional. For instance, lifting is all straightforward, especially if done fast, but when it comes to lowering, that is an entirely different story.  For example, you can stand aggressively and quickly when doing squat lifts, but when you bend or sit down, feel free to take your time.

However, think of a way to build a unique technique that allows you to do controlled squats that last no more than 2 seconds then get up. Maintaining this technique will enable you to develop more muscles and maintain control of your body. Furthermore, it helps you establish a strong connection with your mind and muscles, allowing you to know and focus on each muscle that needs to be triggered with every lift. There are several biceps moves and rules that can help you develop this connection between your mind and muscles.

Cut Out Cardio For A While

Training your cardiovascular system is highly recommended and is part of growing big. It’s even good for shedding down extra fat and burning excess calories. But not when your main focus is getting bigger. In this instance, you’ll have to push cardio there, at the back. If you really want to achieve that big size, by all means, avoid cardio and focus on achieving it first. Focus more on lifting big, fast, and heavy, taking a break to allow your body to recuperate, then lift some more. You’ll have all the time to train your cardio later after achieving the much desired big size.

Give Time For The Body To Recover

Lots and lots of training isn’t always the key to achieving a bigger size. The more you train, the more your muscle tissue is broken. This may tempt you to keep up the pace, but it may not result in the size you’re aiming for.

Your best approach, especially for an amateur, is to work on a balanced training routine such as intense heavy lifting every other day. For instance, you can train on Monday, skip the gym on Tuesday, go back on Wednesday, and so on. You really need that break, and it’s good for you.

This is not to say daily training is wrong or may not yield the desired results. Instead, it means you shouldn’t maintain a consistent routine when you’re just starting, maybe after you’ve gained considerable traction. Otherwise, you need to take a rest between workouts to build your vigor and motivation.

Rest is so important in general and especially when you’re going for gains. Read our post, „Importance of Sleep in Muscle Growth,“ to learn more.

Niche Down Your Fitness Class

Nowadays, fitness classes tend to be chaotic, with so much to do in a short time. However, since your focus is to grow strong and big, you should concentrate on burning calories and achieving that size. As already said, you need to rest between workouts to regain your strength and rebuild your body.

Maybe that sounds frustrating, but there’s no way around it, especially if you’re lifting heavy. Again, it would be best to focus on building specific muscles, and showing up in, say, a boxing class isn’t the solution. Those classes are ideal for general fitness, not getting bigger and stronger. So your best bet is a specific fitness class that focuses entirely on getting big and stronger.

Eat And Eat Healthy

Did you know that a combination of extra calories with intense training stimulates and accelerates growth? Well, it’s that simple. You need to eat more to develop more muscles. And these foods must be the correct type of food. In short, maintain a healthy balanced diet but in bigger portions to enhance an effective bodybuilding routine.

Add More Proteins

Proteins are what build and fuel up your muscle growth. They also help with the body’s recovery and building process. Try at least 2-3 grams of protein for each lean pound of body weight or something just right for a big physique.

Don’t Get Rid Of Carbs

Several studies confirm the many benefits that can be found in protein supplements that support muscle building. However, the same studies also show that carbohydrates can help with balancing hormones to increase your gains at the gym naturally. Therefore, you don’t have to cut down on carbs even if your aim is to get big.

Work With Dumbbells

Professional fitness coaches recommend working with various tools like dumbbells. Swapping barbell workouts with dumbbells stimulates the muscles, which stretches up the chest to grow more muscle fibers. And you can use dumbbells in pretty much any workout routine.

Don’t Forget Your Back

It’s easy to concentrate all your energy on your upper body, especially your arms and chest. Unfortunately, this approach creates an unattractive imbalance that will leave you with a funny physique or even injury. You can avoid this by incorporating back exercises such as rowing and pulling workouts.

Get Sleep. Lots Of It

Experts assert that your growth hormones typically increase when you’re asleep. Even if you’re working out on a tight schedule with other commitments, try not to compromise the recommended 8 hours of sleep. You need to sleep as much as you need to grow big.

Raise The Volume

There’s a reason why bodybuilders are considered the biggest guys on earth. These people definitely know how to pump up the volume, an old training technique that has defied time. Volume training typically consists of at least five exercises for each body part with at least four sets of  10-12 reps, translating into anywhere near 200 reps for each body part.

Build Up Testosterone

You can boost your blood flow with circuits. However, it’s the heavy lifting that leads to a massive buildup of testosterone. Again, work on free reps or sets of five or six.

Focus On Multi-Joint Workouts

The secret to a big muscular body is closely tied to big, compound lifts, the kind of workouts that include at least two joints. For example, the chin-up and pull-up exercise with the chin-up being the original biceps curl.

Go Slow Once In A While

Sometimes all your body needs is to ease up a little to grow big. Sometimes all you need is a short break to help your body heal and rebuild itself. Cut down on the weights, the reps, and the sets. Your body will heal and grow better when you scale down once in a while.

Develop New Strategies

You may be sticking to a specific workout routine, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try various options. Your gym activities shouldn’t be limited to weight lifting or aerobics alone. You should supplement with high-intensity exercises and other combinations with different degrees of complexity. Try incorporating bicep moves and other varieties in your routine.

Focus On A Full Body Workout

Bigger powerlifting, such as deadlifts or squats, stimulate the body and testosterone. The result is a full-body transformation. These two moves are ideal for improving your muscles in every part of your body.

Partner Up

A fitness professional once quoted that training competition at the gym can significantly boost testosterone levels and drive. This way, you get to find the motivation to train each day and draw closer to achieving your goal. Do you want to try out this theory? Find a training partner and give yourself a new challenge.

Focus On Safety

Nothing is as frustrating as halting your fitness program to focus on healing after an injury. It kills your progress and motivation.  Always focus on safety to ensure you build your muscles without hurting yourself.

Consistency Is Key

We can’t stress this enough. You can’t get any bigger with a once-a-week gym session. Settle on several days, which could be at least 3 to 4 days a week, to get to the gym, do your thing as best as you can, and see yourself getting bigger with time. Consistency is the key here.

Relax, It’s All A Process

When your body is tense and stressed, it will release the stress hormone cortisol. This is dangerous for your progress because this hormone hinders muscle growth and causes muscle breakdown. Chilling and doing mental exercises can help lower stress levels and boost your overall well-being.

Raise Your Limits

If you feel demotivated and stuck at 215 while your goal is to hit a 225 on the bench press, don’t give up just yet. Get hold of a spotter who knows all the tricks to navigate such challenging situations and try once more. If you fail today, you’ll try again next week, and maybe you’ll do wonderful this time, even exceed your expectations.

Work With A Professional

Do you see why most trainers all look fit and muscular and have everything you crave for? They know what should be done to get big, and they do it consistently. Even if you’re following an online program, consulting with a professional will provide you with some secret tips and tricks to do everything right.

Tune In To Your Zone

Whether it’s your favorite playlist on your iPod or your favorite pair of training gear, find what sets your mind on track and fuels up your motivation.

Stay Consistent

Remember, you joined that gym for a reason. You have a mission to accomplish each time you go there. Give no room for joking or fooling around, scrolling through your social media feeds, etc. Yes, socializing is a good thing, but you need to focus on what actually brought you there: grow big. So work on that consistently with little to no distractions.

Ensure Proper Warm-Ups

Each lift is a battle against the weights. However, you can’t go to war without proper preparation and planning, which is why you need to warm up properly and watch out for your joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Keep  Experimenting

If you’ve signed up for a fitness program, ensure you follow it consistently for at least 6-8 weeks. However, if the results are not satisfactory, there is always a choice to try something different. So don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas until you achieve the much desired big gains. It could be anything from a new exercise routine to new weights to a number of reps or a much healthier diet, just about anything to get bigger.

Sample Workout

Okay, to sum it all up, your goal is to grow bigger and stronger naturally. We see that training smarter, not harder is the key. Here is a sample workout plan you might want to try out.


Do at least 25 reps with a weight that you can lift 5 to 6 times before changing form or slowing down. Take one minute rests in between sets. Next, do deadlifts, bench presses, and inverted rows. All reps should be at least 25. Call it a day and rest on Tuesday.


Using a weight, you can lift 10 to 12 times before changing form or slowing down, train each leg and arm. Do not skip any rep for each exercise and ensure they are at least 40. Also, take a 45-minute rest in between sets. Work with dumbbells using mixed-style incline press, single-arm row, and Kettlebell Rotational Lunge To Walking Lunge (should be six reps for each leg). Call it a day and rest on Thursday


Using a weight, you can lift 2 or 3 times before slowing your speed, ensure you do a total of 15 total reps for each exercise. Take a rest every three minutes. Perform skull crusher and front squats, then work with dumbbells using mixed-style rows (should be at least 4 clusters per side).

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